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Linda can speak in a variety of venues including conferences, finance client functions, parent groups, and adult education. Her presentations range from consumer topics involving information on budgeting, how finances are affected during a divorce, to continuing education topics including how to teach kinds the way of money, and money concepts to consider during a divorce—and many more. Linda is willing to provide all ready prepared or original presentations to help businesses and individuals understand their person finances.

As a professional speaker, Linda Leitz also provides workshops, seminars and training courses, aimed at increasing financial knowledge and independence. Linda's Presentations provide financial guidance to:

  • Parents of Young Children
  • Parents of Tweens and Teenagers
  • Divorced Parents
  • Single Mothers
  • Tweens and Teenagers

The following are descriptions of presentations Linda can provide to your group:

Presentations for Parents:

Creating parenting tools that develop financial independence in tomorrow’s leaders.

Money Smart Kids
A Guide for Raising Financially Successful Children

Setting Parameters
Teaching Your Child the Costs of Being Responsible with Money

Kids, Money & Divorce
New Ways to Minimize the Financial Confusion of Divorce

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees:
Projecting Attitudes about Work, Money and the Cost of Living

Presentations for Kids
Teaching kids the skills they need to make healthy financial decisions.

Are You Prepared?
10 Tips for Teens on Gaining Financial Independence

Spending vs. Saving
Evaluating and Establishing Healthy Financial Goals

The ABC of Finances
Allowance, Budgets and Credit

Interactive Workshops for Families

Providing opportunities for parents and children to reflect on money attitudes.

Do you know what your kid considers ‘smart money management’? Does your kid know what they should about making wise financial decisions? The Money Map Interactive Workshops for Families allow parents and kids to share what they value about money and learn how to meet each other’s expectations while establishing boundaries.

Parents and Kids Develop a Plan for Developing Responsible Money Management

On the Same Page
Parents and Kids Teach Each Other What They Know About Money

Responsibility, Accountability & Choices
A Financial Learning Seminar for Parents & Kids